The Personalised Comfort of Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur with Wilson Associates

The first urban hotel in Kuala Lumpur is almost ready to take in guests and Wilson Associates is pleased to reveal the design of Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur to the public.
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Shangri-La Wonderland for This Year’s Christmas Season

Have an exquisite and festive holiday season in Jakarta with Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta all throughout December.
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Enhancing the Dining Experience with Sambal Gurus at Sunset on Seminyak

The best way to enhance any meal is with sambal and with Sunset on Seminyak, sambal gurus will help elevate the award-winning dining experience.
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A Wicked Halloween at PASOLA Restaurant

Have a wicked and fun-filled Halloween for family as PASOLA Restaurant present a kid-friendly Halloween Sunday Brunch.
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The Unprecedented Partnership of AccorHotels and Luneng Group

AccorHotels and Luneng Group have signed a memorandum of understanding forming a strategic partnership in China.
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Grand Park City Hall Newest Technology in Modern Hospitality

Grand Park City Hall champions as the first hotel to use mobile selfie check-in technology for guests to enjoy.
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The Recognition of The St. Regis Bali Resort and their Recent Strand Villa & Residences

The St. Regis Bali Resort has recently received 3 consecutive accolades for its unique product and excellent service.
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One on One with The Great One – Chef Tak from Lung King Heen at Four Seasons Hong Kong

We're bringing you the part of our exclusive interview with Chef Chan Yan Tak, the first Chinese chef in history to be awarded three Michelin stars, for Lung King Heen
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An Authentic Indonesian Culinary Journey with The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

To celebrate the Indonesia’s 73rd Independence Day, this year, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is launching the first series in Indonesian Culinary Journey in exploring Indonesia’s creative and diverse culinary side.

The Indonesian Culinary Journey is a program series of culinary exploration by Executive Chef Felix Felix Budisetiawan, Director of Food & Beverage Diky Lingga Wisnu and Public Relations Manager Theresa Yudistira, where they directly tasted different kind of local delicacies, dug into the secrets behind each of the dish then adapted and presented them in an exclusive dining program. The first in the series is titled Treasure of Coastal Java.

The road trip with Executive Chef Felix Felix Budisetiawan, Director of Food & Beverage Diky Lingga Wisnu and Public Relations Manager Theresa Yudistira gave way to new ideas and inspirations for the menu.

Treasure of Coastal Java will feature a range of delicacies from eight cities in Coastal Java based on the first culinary trip taken by Chef Felix and the team in July 2018. The places they visited were Cirebon, Tegal, Pemalang, Pekalongan, Semarang, Magelang, Solo, and Banyumas. Each place gave Chef Felix and the team inspiration for a diverse and flavourful menu that people can taste and learn more about to better understand Indonesia and their many facets.

Some menu highlights from each place include Empal Gentong from Cirebon, Sate Kambing Batibul from Tegal, Nasi Grombyang from Pemalang, Tauto from Pekalongan, Babat Gongso from Semarang, Sop Senerek from Magelang, Nasi Liwet Keprabon from Solo, and Sroto Sokaraja from Banyumas.

Each dish represents a place in Coastal Java full of diversity, flavour, and history so deep, it’s bursting with life.

Since the coastal areas is an intersection of the world’s various cultures, such as Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Indian and European, it had an important role as a trade route in the archipelago and a diverse cultural heritage. For culinary in particular, the mixing of these communities with other local communities becomes an important part in enriching its local flavours.

The Treasures of Coastal Java dining experience will be available for guests and visitors of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta on 17 August during lunch and Barbecue Dinner at Rp 455,000++ per person and on 19 August during Sunday Brunch at Rp 655,000++ per person.

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