The African Top 5 Pools With A View

As an exotic travel destination, Africa has always had its significance and attraction in summoning the tourists to explore what it has inside. Here are some magical pools we have listed for you to check out!
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Joyful Summer Around The World’s Hotel Restaurants

Summer is around the corner and the way to celebrate it is becoming more marvelous with our hotel restaurants round up from across the globe!
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The Newest Luxury African Destinations By The Luxury Safari Company

Here are some new accommodation options in Africa you can think of while you plan your Safari getaway.
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The Balinese Dream at Samsara Ubud

Dive into Bali’s unspoilt tropical paradise with a cocoon of luxury at Samsara Ubud, where luxury and tranquillity are more than what dreams are made of.
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Connecting the World with Emirates in their new Destinations

Say hello to a new future with Emirates as they open a new service for a year-round non-stop flight between popular destinations Bali and Auckland.
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Health and Wellness with the All New REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort App

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort is pleased to launch an app that will have anyone come and experience tranquillity in Bali’s most sought after health and wellness destinations.
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Singapore’s Bright Future with Pullman Hotel & Resort

Pullman, Asia’s favourite upscale brand, is set to launch a new destination for guests to explore and enjoy in the prime city centre location of Singapore in 2022.
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An Idul Fitri Staycation at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

Have a fun filled staycation to celebrate the end of Holy month at the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort.
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An Authentic Ramadan with Pasar Papringan Go[w]es to Kaum

Experience authentic Indonesian ambiance for Holy Month with Pasar Papringan in Kaum Restaurant for a festive and immersive experience unlike any other.

Papringan is a Javanese term meaning “bamboo garden”, and Pasar Papringan is an outdoor market taking place in the unusual setting of a bamboo forest in Ngadiprono hamlet, Central Java. Pasar Papringan was made to preserve a revive the abandon bamboo forest at Ngadiprono hamlet, initiated by Singgih Susilo Kartono.

This wonderful view of culture brings the best in communities and helps people see the beautiful world they live in by actively moving around it and finding ways to preserve it.

This market has operated on their own special schedule, opening every 35 days of “selapan” (market day) on the Javanese calendar since its inception in 2016. This market is hosts to a spectacle of sound, colour and flavour all encompassed with a myriad of stalls to draw thousands of locals and visitors to the unique rural area. Fresh farm produce, healthy MSG-free food and beverages, bamboo handicrafts and specialty coffee are among the offerings visitors should expect and sample.

This market is both for people to shop of one of a kind handcrafts and also learn and make their own tools with the help of the locals.

For Ramadan, Kaum will present their own version of Pasar Papringan Ngadiprono with a festive and eco-forward market with link (bamboo stalls), terracotta cookware and bamboo utensils. The culinary team at Kaum will offer a selection of commonly found authentic dishes, such as Lesah Ayam, Gablok Pecel, Bajingan, Kue Kacamata, Sawut Nenas, Serungkulan Gethuk, and many more for guests to try.

The “bajingan” is a braised cassava dish in coconut sugar that is made to melt in the mouth while the “serungkulun” is a steamed glutinous rice cake topped with shredded fresh coconut and natural extracts of dragon fruit. Both are light yet fulfilling after a long day of fasting.

Guests can eat at Kaum Restaurant with a set main course menu and also check out the market for IDR 185,000++/PAX per adult and IDR 92,500++/PAX per child. The main course menu will consist of either a grilled minced goat or chicken satay, deep fried fish with torch ginger chili relish, blanched water spinach with Lombok style chili relish and shrimp paste, rice crackers, and steamed Menthik Susu heritage rice.

Kaum Restaurant presents curated lifestyle experiences that showcase Indonesia’s culinary and cultural heritage in a new, modern context. This amazing dining experience will run from 18 May to 12 June from 5:00-8:00pm. Experience something different this Ramadan season and visit Kaum today.

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