The African Top 5 Pools With A View

As an exotic travel destination, Africa has always had its significance and attraction in summoning the tourists to explore what it has inside. Here are some magical pools we have listed for you to check out!
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Joyful Summer Around The World’s Hotel Restaurants

Summer is around the corner and the way to celebrate it is becoming more marvelous with our hotel restaurants round up from across the globe!
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The Newest Luxury African Destinations By The Luxury Safari Company

Here are some new accommodation options in Africa you can think of while you plan your Safari getaway.
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The Balinese Dream at Samsara Ubud

Dive into Bali’s unspoilt tropical paradise with a cocoon of luxury at Samsara Ubud, where luxury and tranquillity are more than what dreams are made of.
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Connecting the World with Emirates in their new Destinations

Say hello to a new future with Emirates as they open a new service for a year-round non-stop flight between popular destinations Bali and Auckland.
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Health and Wellness with the All New REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort App

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort is pleased to launch an app that will have anyone come and experience tranquillity in Bali’s most sought after health and wellness destinations.
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Singapore’s Bright Future with Pullman Hotel & Resort

Pullman, Asia’s favourite upscale brand, is set to launch a new destination for guests to explore and enjoy in the prime city centre location of Singapore in 2022.
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An Idul Fitri Staycation at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

Have a fun filled staycation to celebrate the end of Holy month at the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort.
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Authentic Peruvian Style in the Heart of Hong Kong

Asia will experience authentic Peruvian cuisine thanks to world-renowned chef Virgilio Martinez Véliz and the opening of ICHU Peru later this year.

Chef Virgilio Martinez Véliz and Bulldozer Group, a Dubai-based hospitality group, have partnered up to launch his first restaurant in Asia. As a celebrated figure in the culinary world, Martinez has helped promote Peruvian cuisine around the world and his restaurant, Central, and risen into the top position on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list from 2014-2016.

Chef Virgilio Martinez Véliz is excited and ready to share authentic Peruvian dishes in a relaxed and comforting environment with the opening of ICHU Peru.

ICHU Peru will let guests dine on contemporary Peruvian cuisine in a relaxed, bistro-style setting, all showcasing authentic flavours while honouring Peruvian culinary traditions. The name of the restaurant comes from a plant found in the Peruvian Andes that only grows in extreme conditions. Martinez picked that name to reflect his in-depth knowledge of indigenous ingredients and his passion for new challenges.

Chef Martinez will also be bringing a couple of key members from Central to help him build ICHU Peru to his standards, ICHU resident chef Sang Jeong and award-winning designer Joyce Wang. Chef Sang Jeong is a Korean-born chef who has worked alongside Martinez for three years and collaborated on many of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Joyce Wang has designed the interior of the restaurant from inspiration of Peru’s landscape and Martinez’s culinary style.

The design and feel of ICHU Peru will be of the many different neighborhoods and seasons that Peru has been through in their history. This will bring the food to a whole new level of flavour and specialty.

While the food will present much-loved Peruvian dishes, the background will feature rich textured materials and raw finished to evoke Peru’s changing topography and dynamic ecosystem.

The restaurant itself will be able to host up to 80 guests inside with the main dining room featuring inspiration of the restaurant’s namesake plant with an open kitchen. There is also a terrace area seating an additional 85 guests with views overlooking Pottinger and Stanley Streets.

This July, the Asian community will experience more than meets the eye with ICHU Peru thanks to the creations and dedication to Chef Virgilio Martinez Véliz.

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