The Ultimate Elegance of Dining Presented By Ayodya Resort Bali

Serving signature dishes and a lot of dining options for the guest, Ayodya Resort Bali takes the guests into a new level of luxurious dining experience
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The Ultimate Luxury & Tranquil Stay at Ayodya Palace by Ayodya Resort Bali

Stay over at the remarkable establishment ever by Ayodya Resort Bali, and experience the night of luxury and tranquil getaway
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In its 50th Anniversary Celebration, AccorHotels opens Doors for ‘Heroes’ Among us

In its anniversary celebration on 19 November 2017, AccorHotels welcomes “heroes” among them, such as social workers who work hard daily to serve communities around the hotels.
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The Lights & Joy Of ‘A Universal Christmas’ at Universal Studios Singapore

Back to the holiday season, this Christmas is the time for you to have the real fun and joyous moment at Universal Studios Singapore’ marvelous events and programmes.
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The Elevated Dining Experience at Altitude Grill

Add more cheers to your day as Altitude Grill is bringing you the tantalizing progressive menu from the freshest and finest ingredients specially created by Executive Chef Gary Eng
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Emirates Presents Their New Exotic Destinations With Flydubai

Partnering with flydubai, Emirates is more than pleased and proud to announce their new destinations including Istanbul, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro
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The Santai: The Best Hide Away Spot In The Island Of Gods

Figuring out how popular Bali is for an escape from your daily stress, The Santai offers the perfect spot to hide away with friends and family
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Frestro & Bar: Gourmet Artisan Cuisine In The Heart Of Seminyak, Bali

An innovative restaurant and bar in the heart of Seminyak, Bali is now ready to welcome you both for extraordinary dining and drinking experience.
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Exquisite Lunch With Japanese Contemporary Flavour By Ji Terrace By The Sea

Presenting the contemporary Japanese touch, Ji Terrace by THE SEA introduces their signature Japanese Bento as the Seaside Lunch Series. Dip into the authenticity of Japanese culinary in bento servings and world-class taste.

“Bento” in the past time was merely a small bag used to store dehydrated rice that was either eaten dry or rehydrated. The following period, the typical wooden lacquered bento boxes appeared and were used mainly for storing food at gatherings and parties. As the era changed, bento boxes become common where it was for formal purposes and for travel lunches.

In line with Ji’s mission to take guests on a visual and journey for the senses through time, Ji Terrace By THE SEA is launching a contemporary Japanese bento lunch. This one is with ancient roots but with contemporary flavors, where exquisite, luxurious & affordable go together. These are the first bentos of contemporary Japanese cuisine on the island, created mindful of another of Ji’s motto: living Bali & Canggu’s beach life to the fullest.

Photo Courtesy of Tugu Hotels & Exotic Spas

A few examples of Ji’s contemporary bentos include the TAIKOMOCHI BENTO, consisted of Japanese fried rice served with melt-in-the-mouth 12-hours roasted pork belly, miso & roasted cashew; spicy edamame, mango salad in ponzu dressing, Japanese eggplant tempura. MINEKO BENTO is made of garlic rice; lightly grilled aged Australian tenderloin beef, crispy risotto bacon & truffle rice balls with Japanese curry; edamame, shiitake and shimeji, carrots and purple cabbage, tropical fruit salad maki with candied lemon skin. SADA YAIKO BENTO is a vegetarian combination of chilled soba noodles in ginger, rucola and citrus broth; garlic & nori tofu croquettes, mixed salad maki, zucchini with feta, almond, tempe & lemon in sake dressing. To finish off the bento experience is completed with silky chocolate hazelnut cake served with edamame cream, fresh blackberry, and hazelnut crust.

Photo Courtesy of Tugu Hotels & Exotic Spas

Ji is the happiest place for lunch by the sea, where you dine with the salty ocean breeze and sparkling blue water view. Now to elevate this happiness, an ice-cold Asahi or a chilled Ji’s new signature Oba Margarita will accompany this Ji contemporary bento.  Ji Bento is available from 12 to for an exclusive promotion of IDR 110.000/bento including 5 items. To book a table or to find out more information about Ji Terrace By THE SEA visit or call +62 361 4731701 or visit the venue on Pantai Batu Bolong street, Canggu – Bali.

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