The Personalised Comfort of Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur with Wilson Associates

The first urban hotel in Kuala Lumpur is almost ready to take in guests and Wilson Associates is pleased to reveal the design of Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur to the public.
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Shangri-La Wonderland for This Year’s Christmas Season

Have an exquisite and festive holiday season in Jakarta with Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta all throughout December.
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Enhancing the Dining Experience with Sambal Gurus at Sunset on Seminyak

The best way to enhance any meal is with sambal and with Sunset on Seminyak, sambal gurus will help elevate the award-winning dining experience.
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A Wicked Halloween at PASOLA Restaurant

Have a wicked and fun-filled Halloween for family as PASOLA Restaurant present a kid-friendly Halloween Sunday Brunch.
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The Unprecedented Partnership of AccorHotels and Luneng Group

AccorHotels and Luneng Group have signed a memorandum of understanding forming a strategic partnership in China.
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Grand Park City Hall Newest Technology in Modern Hospitality

Grand Park City Hall champions as the first hotel to use mobile selfie check-in technology for guests to enjoy.
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The Recognition of The St. Regis Bali Resort and their Recent Strand Villa & Residences

The St. Regis Bali Resort has recently received 3 consecutive accolades for its unique product and excellent service.
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One on One with The Great One – Chef Tak from Lung King Heen at Four Seasons Hong Kong

We're bringing you the part of our exclusive interview with Chef Chan Yan Tak, the first Chinese chef in history to be awarded three Michelin stars, for Lung King Heen
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Perjalanan – A Collaborative Journey Between KAUM Jakarta and Arumdalu Farm

Enlivening Indonesia’s culinary heritage and the essentially abandoned ingredients from across the archipelago, Kaum joins Arumdalu Farm to bring up the awareness of the richness and importance of Indonesian natural resources and technology.

This collaboration has been driven by Kaum’s ongoing mission in embracing the exquisite legacy of the nation. As the first urban farm in greater Jakarta, Arumdalu Farm is created by an integrated ecosystem technology developed in Arumdalu Lab, in collaboration with Summarecon’s Scientia Square Park.

Comprised of creative contents which include some fascinating workshops to pay homage to Indonesia’s food diversity and the future of sustainable living, the collaborative program, titled as ‘Perjalanan’, will take place at Kaum Jakarta from September 19, 2018 until October 14, 2018. Some of the main highlights in ‘Perjalanan’ are:

Vertical Farm Installation by Your Simple Garden

Envisioned to help producers in creating a more efficient and sustainable method to farming, Arumdalu Farm introduces the “Your Simple Garden” (YSG) technology implemented in their Arumdalu Lab. YSG is a vertical farming system combining hydroponic, aquaponics, and aeroponic system. This technique uses the fish waste which is converted by micro-bacteria into nutrient for the plants, allowing a micro ecosystem to develop. Setting the pride as ecosystem engineering consultant, Arumdalu Lab has started their YSG invention to grow a number of food ingredients with outstanding flavors and harvest yield.

Indonesian Super Food Exhibition by Arumdalu Lab

Arumdalu Lab has been doing extensive researches in all stages to study plant growth and behaviors as well as to explore how Indonesian plants can be used to create the future of edible landscape in the nation, with a collection of more than 500 types of landscape and edible plants of the country. Categorized as Indonesian Super Food based on their rich nutrients and unique plant characters to adapt particular ecosystem in this archipelago, there will be 8 food ingredients showcased by Arumdalu in this exhibition.

Nasi Goreng Tempe

Special Menu by Kaum Jakarta

Proudly incorporating superior ingredients sourced directly from Arumdalu Farm, such as tempeh kacang merah and daun kenikir (Cosmos caudatus), Kaum’s culinary team presented range of exotic special menu during this program. Some of these dishes are Tempe Gulung Sambal Kecombrang, Pecel Sambal Tempe (V), Terong Bakar Saus Pedas Madu (V), Nasi Goreng Tempe Asap (V). For the dessert Bolu Tempe Kukus perfectly satiate the sweet cravings.  Upon every purchase of each special menu during this program, guest will be complimented with 1 entrance ticket to Scientia Square Park (valid for weekdays or weekends).

Ayam Bakar Tempe
Bolu Kukus Tempe

During their visit to Arumdalu Farm, guests could savor one of their menu highlight ‘Burger Tempe’ served with cassava chips. Apart from that, guests could also pick their own salad to be enjoyed at the farm.

For reservation at KAUM, kindly contact +62 813 8171 5256 or +62 21 22393256 or mail to [email protected].

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