Exquisite & Secluded Nyepi Celebration at Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Reserve

This year Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve takes the opportunity to welcome you to experience real Nyepi moment with an ultimate tranquility at their establishment
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Sudamala Suites & Villa Senggigi: Your Next Heavenly Destination In Lombok

Offering hidden heaven in Senggigi area, Sudamala Suites and Villas is aimed to be your next wish list for a holiday!
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The Real Dining Elegance at Olah Olah Restaurant by Sudamala Suites & Villas Senggigi

Combining Indonesian rich local taste with Western and modern flavours, Chef Juandi at Olah Olah Restaurant Sudamala Suites and Villas Senggigi is ready to explode your appetite
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The Ultimate Fun And Refreshing Holiday at Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas

Either you’re travelling with family, friends, or even as a couple, Novotel Lombok Resort and Villas is the most ideal destination to escape
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The Splendid Staying Experience at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp

Hidden far far away from the hustle bustle big city, Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is surely a treasure you need to witness and experience
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The St. Regis Bali Resort Unveils Newly Refurbished Villas

Celebrating its 10th year of excellence, The St. Regis Bali Resort is proud to announce the completion of its newly refurbished villas
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From Adventurous Fun To Cultural & Natural Enrichment With Seraya Resort

Staying at a secluded and serene location like Seraya Resort means you have to make the best out of your time with loads of activities and relaxation offered by the resort
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The Dining Indulgence On The Island of Paradise at Seraya Restaurant

Ranging from Western, Asian to local menus, Seraya Restaurant by Seraya Resort also offers the breathtaking beautiful scenery as the background for your dinner or lunchtime
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The Colourful Betawi Culinary at Gran Melia Jakarta

Taking Indonesian capital city Jakarta as the main theme this season, Gran Melia Jakarta is bringing Betawi dishes to the table. Enjoy the authentic Batavian servings while you dip in the cultural values in the food.

Derived from the word “Batavia”, colonial name of Jakarta, Betawi brings a special story to the heart of its people. Referring to the descendants of the people of Jakarta, whose cultural traditions are now spread across the archipelago, Betawi tells a thousand stories of living values, cultural legacy, and of course the delicious dishes.

The traditional Betawi food is typically served on the side of the road or at traditional restaurants in Jakarta. This time, Gran Melia Jakarta is ready to showcase Betawi culture in art and cuisines, bringing out the old city into a fine dining setting for culinary enthusiasts to appreciate. To support the ministry of tourism in attempt of enriching and preserving Betawi culture, Café Gran Via at Gran Melia Jakarta unveils the fine selection of ‘Warna Warni Betawi’ the colourful combination of tradition and exclusivity, highlighting the authentic taste of local food.

Photo Courtesy of Gran Melia Jakarta

Maintaining and exhibiting the unique tastes at the heart of Betawi cuisine, executive Chef Apep dedicates this gastronomy experience to present the most delicious version of every meal with superior ingredients. Starting from the very renowned soto betawi and the much-loved nasi uduk, to the specialties such as kerak telur, gabus pucung, soto mie, semur daging as well as the anticipated signature drink of bir pletok.

The ‘Warna Warni Betawi’ food promotion is available on the last week commencing of the month  and starting at Rp. 315,000++ per person, diners not only have the chance to taste the exotic Betawi food, but also the vast range of option buffet to be enjoyed at Café Gran Via. Reserve your seat now by calling (021) 526 8080 ext 2395.

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