The Ultimate Elegance of Dining Presented By Ayodya Resort Bali

Serving signature dishes and a lot of dining options for the guest, Ayodya Resort Bali takes the guests into a new level of luxurious dining experience
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The Ultimate Luxury & Tranquil Stay at Ayodya Palace by Ayodya Resort Bali

Stay over at the remarkable establishment ever by Ayodya Resort Bali, and experience the night of luxury and tranquil getaway
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In its 50th Anniversary Celebration, AccorHotels opens Doors for ‘Heroes’ Among us

In its anniversary celebration on 19 November 2017, AccorHotels welcomes “heroes” among them, such as social workers who work hard daily to serve communities around the hotels.
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The Lights & Joy Of ‘A Universal Christmas’ at Universal Studios Singapore

Back to the holiday season, this Christmas is the time for you to have the real fun and joyous moment at Universal Studios Singapore’ marvelous events and programmes.
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The Elevated Dining Experience at Altitude Grill

Add more cheers to your day as Altitude Grill is bringing you the tantalizing progressive menu from the freshest and finest ingredients specially created by Executive Chef Gary Eng
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Emirates Presents Their New Exotic Destinations With Flydubai

Partnering with flydubai, Emirates is more than pleased and proud to announce their new destinations including Istanbul, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro
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The Santai: The Best Hide Away Spot In The Island Of Gods

Figuring out how popular Bali is for an escape from your daily stress, The Santai offers the perfect spot to hide away with friends and family
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Frestro & Bar: Gourmet Artisan Cuisine In The Heart Of Seminyak, Bali

An innovative restaurant and bar in the heart of Seminyak, Bali is now ready to welcome you both for extraordinary dining and drinking experience.
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The Exciting Mooncake Festival at Gran Melia Jakarta

Celebrating the full moon as the day to the family unity, the mooncake festival is one of the most awaited seasons in Chinese tradition. Now in Indonesia, this festival is also celebrated in an exceptional way!

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or widely known as the mooncake festival, is a celebration of family unity symbolized by a full moon. The mooncake festival falls on the 15th of the 8th month based on the calculation of the Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is celebrated with a family gathering that represents the round shape of the mooncake, a family integrity.

This year, Tien Chao at Gran Melia Jakarta presents a showcase of exquisite and delectable mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Starting from August 15th to October 4th 2017, Gran Melia offers mooncake with a wide selection of sizes, cooking methods and flavours. These handmade delicacies feature luxurious wide varieties including: snow skin pandanus, taro, chocolate and black beans or roasted moon cake with lotus seed paste with egg yolks, red beans, taro, or chocolate.

Photo Courtesy of Gran Melia Jakarta

Made of the rice flour snow skin mooncake is best served chilled, therefore they are stored in the fridge with 5-6 degree Celcius temperature. Meanwhile baked mooncake, which is made of Hong Kong Flour, is served less chilled. However, both types can last up to 1 week if stored in the refrigerator, and they are packed in elegant red gift boxes. These assorted mooncake can be enjoyed at Rp. 55.000 ++ per piece, and Rp.428.000 up to Rp.488.000 per box that contains 4 pieces. Each pieces of mooncake are firstly placed in an arranged gold box inside the Mooncake gift box and made as the perfect gift for the celebration of mid-autumn festival.

Additionally, to commemorate this classic tradition, Tien Chao also offers exhilarating culinary delights available for both lunch and dinner, including crabmeat wild mushroom thick soup, deep fried garoupa fish fillet and the sumptuous baked strip loin steak. These exclusive set menus will be available starting on 24 September to 4 October at IDR 388.000++ for lunch and IDR 498.000++ for dinner. If you want to reserve or ask more information, you can call +6221 526 8080 ext 2322

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