Joyful Summer Around The World’s Hotel Restaurants

Summer is around the corner and the way to celebrate it is becoming more marvelous with our hotel restaurants round up from across the globe!
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Grilling and Sizzling Weekend Dinner at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong

The sizzling Aussie feast is the perfect celebration for summer. Café Renaissance is hosting a rotated weekend dinner buffet for you and your family to enjoy.
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Travel Through Kyushu & Savour The Meaty Delicacies

Originated from the third biggest island of Japan, Kyushu, a parade of delicious and contently meat is coming to Grand Hyatt Hongkong this season!
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Get Ready For Attarine Jakarta New Grand Menu

One of the most unique restaurants in Indonesia, Attarine, introduces their new grand menu that will bring refreshment and an updated taste for food lovers in town
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Get Healthy & Tasty With Le Gran Café at Gran Mahakam

Le Gran Café at Gran Mahakam Jakarta brings you the ultimate healthy drin featuring Blackcurrant as their Beverage of the Month
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The Irresistible Feisty Chocolate Day at Gran Melia Jakarta

Presenting you the like-no-other chocolatey event, Gran Melia Jakarta invites you to join in their Chocolate Feast. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to spoil your sweet tooth in a fancy way.
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The Intimate Food And Spirit Pairings at Bacchus Bar by AYANA Midplaza Jakarta

Taking a hedonistic approach to city living, AYANA hosts a tempting food and spirit pairings. See how they turn the
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Nihi Sumba Island (Nihiwatu) Been Named The Number 1 Hotel In The World For The Second Year in a Row

Named the best hotel in the world for the 2nd time, Nihiwatu in Sumba Island brings more and more natural and wildlife excitement!
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The Indulging North American Dungeness Crab at Dynasty Restaurant by Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy light, fresh, and flavorful seafood! Dynasty Restaurant at Renaissance Harbour Hotel Hong Kong presents you their superb Dungeness crab.

Famous for its succulent and sweet taste, Dungeness crab is now on the serving plate of Dynasty. Discerning diners can savour our six new North American West Coast Dungeness crab delicacies created by the Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing at Dynasty to tantalize their taste buds with excitement this summer! Explore Chinese and Western Wine-inspired Crab Delicacies Steamed Dungeness crab with egg white in Huadiao wine. You can indulge in the rich flavour of the crab meat infused with a touch of the 25-year Huadiao wine. Don’t miss the steamed egg white beneath that has absorbed the sweetness of the crab and the aromatic Huadiao wine.

Executive Chef Suen has an intriguing idea to elevate the flavours of a mix and match of Chinese crab dish with white wine sauce. Inspired by an “East-meets-West” combination, the deep fried Dungeness crab matches well with the buttery white wine sauce made with white wine, shallots, whipping cream and parsley. Being a popular cold signature dish in Chinese cuisine, the Chaozhou style crab aims to showcase the genuine sweet taste of the meat. Three signature vinegar dipping sauces are created for guest pairing, including Balsamic Vinegar, Black Rice Vinegar and Garlic Vinegar. It is a delightful dish to cool down your sizzling summer.

Photo Courtesy of Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong

Baked Dungeness crab in shell with pepper is inspired by Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines. Chef Suen crafts this delicacy by wok-fried crab with fresh green peppers, shallot, red bell pepper and some chili spices. Green pepper from Thailand is an unusual ingredient that is seldom used in Cantonese cuisine. Don’t miss the Umami Crab Flavours Steamed Dungeness crab in bean paste sauce. The slightly salty paste sauce helps to bring out the fatty flavour of the Dungeness crab meat and elevate an umami after taste.

Poached Dungeness crab with fresh clams in homemade seafood soup is also chef Suen’s favourite dishes. The delicious seafood soup is made from various seafood including shrimps and clams. The Dungeness crab has absorbed all the richness from the broth and enhanced the sweetness of the meat. Up to 27 August 2017, Dynasty welcomes guests to come and enjoy Dungeness crabs with family and friends. Dishes are priced at HK$900 per dish and you are welcomed to come and explore the exclusive flavours at Dynasty!

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong
1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2584 6831

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