Bali’s Luxury Living with The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Set atop the majestic cliff of Nusa Dua with breath taking views is a new level of prestige with the much anticipated opening of The Apurva Kempinski Bali, where the Best of Indonesia is beautifully curated.
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A Summer Afternoon with Tsujiri at AYANA Midplaza, JAKARTA

AYANA Midplaza, JAKARTA is here to help make summers a little tastier for tea connoisseurs with a taste of Japanese history that has been established for 155 years.
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The Debut of Pullman Hotel & Resort in Laos

Overlook a lush greenery with a backdrop of beautiful mountain views and paddy fields along meandering streams and ponds in the rustic countryside with a new Pullman Hotel in Laos.
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Experiencing French Authenticity in Jakarta with Emilie French Restaurant

Seated at the very engaged neighborhood of Senopati, Emilie French Restaurant is one of the best French Fine Dining places
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Spreading Indonesia’s Rich Culture One at a Time with Brand Director Lisa Virgiano

KAUM is more than just a place of great food and history, but it’s a place where the melting pot of culture in Indonesia shines thanks to Lisa Virgiano.
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Authentic Indonesian Cuisine with a Modern Twist at KAUM Restaurant

With a country that is a rich and diverse as its people, come taste a meal that is in celebration of what makes Indonesia special at KAUM Restaurant.
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Welcoming Back Frederik Farina to Bangkok with Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency Bangkok will have a familiar face to welcome back home again thanks to the new Executive Chef and Director of Food & Beverage Frederik Farina.
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Mirage Bar & Restaurant’s Refreshing Summer Afternoon Tea

Enjoy an afternoon tea that will both be refreshing and enticing with new flavours to represent the best summer has to offer at Mirage Bar & Restaurant.
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Adventure in Style with Plataran Bromo

Plataran Bromo currently provides three packages for its’ guests to choose and enjoy; each highlighting the area’s finest cultural experience and adventures. Varying in destination and duration, there is the Sunset to Sunrise Tour, Tengger Caldera Wanderlust and Bromo Escapade.

Teras Bromo, the establishment’s main dining area and restaurant, is also the jeep checkpoint with up to 100 private jeeps and professional services to ensure a truly comfortable experience. The Sunset to Sunrise Tour is one that is popular among guests. It is a 2-day 1-night package featuring Bromo’s finest points, where guests get to relax to the view of the golden sunset at Langit Bromo Viewing Point while enjoying a warm coffee and tea break complimented by traditional Indonesian snacks.  On the second day, the Sunset to Sunrise Tour takes you on to an adventure through the sandy off roads to Pasaruan to watch the famous Bromo sunrise at Pananjakan 1 Sunrise Point. The tour includes further exploration of the Bromo Mountain area visiting the Savannah, Teletubbies Hills, Pasir Berbisikand the iconic Bromo Crater. As the name of the package itself states, this excursion will get you the unforgettable experience as you witness Bromo’s finest natural wonders.

The Sunset to Sunrise Tour lets guests dive into the beautiful nature landscape of Bromo in true fashion with this 48 hour adventure to make anyone feel exhilarated.

The Tengger Caldera Wanderlust package is an alternative that explores the cultural and culinary arts of the local Tengger region. As Plataran Bromo itself is located in surrounding agricultural lands, this tour invites guests to travel around the Tengger Village for a farm visit that allows them to pick their own natural ingredients followed by a professional cooking class. A traditional bon fire and local dining experience at Warung Bromo is also included in the package, featuring Indonesian traditional cuisines and local dishes.

With all the different packages offered with Plataran Bromo, a view like this is just one click away from being a reality.

For a short detox among nature, there is the Bromo Escapade package. This tour includes a nature walk around the Pasuruan Highlands area, exploring the private Plataran Hills while spending the day amidst lush, green scenery of forests and fresh mountain air. Guests can enjoy a classic afternoon tea that overlooks the golden sunset from Langit Bromo and a bon-fire Indonesian dining experience at Warung Bromo to finish the day.

From an adventurous exploration of the Bromo Mountain to an exotic culinary experience and local nature encounter, Plataran Bromo is dedicated to go beyond a simple stay in the hills, and push into making each visit a memorable journey.

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