Bali’s Luxury Living with The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Set atop the majestic cliff of Nusa Dua with breath taking views is a new level of prestige with the much anticipated opening of The Apurva Kempinski Bali, where the Best of Indonesia is beautifully curated.
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A Summer Afternoon with Tsujiri at AYANA Midplaza, JAKARTA

AYANA Midplaza, JAKARTA is here to help make summers a little tastier for tea connoisseurs with a taste of Japanese history that has been established for 155 years.
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The Debut of Pullman Hotel & Resort in Laos

Overlook a lush greenery with a backdrop of beautiful mountain views and paddy fields along meandering streams and ponds in the rustic countryside with a new Pullman Hotel in Laos.
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Experiencing French Authenticity in Jakarta with Emilie French Restaurant

Seated at the very engaged neighborhood of Senopati, Emilie French Restaurant is one of the best French Fine Dining places
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Spreading Indonesia’s Rich Culture One at a Time with Brand Director Lisa Virgiano

KAUM is more than just a place of great food and history, but it’s a place where the melting pot of culture in Indonesia shines thanks to Lisa Virgiano.
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Authentic Indonesian Cuisine with a Modern Twist at KAUM Restaurant

With a country that is a rich and diverse as its people, come taste a meal that is in celebration of what makes Indonesia special at KAUM Restaurant.
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Welcoming Back Frederik Farina to Bangkok with Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency Bangkok will have a familiar face to welcome back home again thanks to the new Executive Chef and Director of Food & Beverage Frederik Farina.
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Mirage Bar & Restaurant’s Refreshing Summer Afternoon Tea

Enjoy an afternoon tea that will both be refreshing and enticing with new flavours to represent the best summer has to offer at Mirage Bar & Restaurant.
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The Story of Plataran Bromo

From its’ wide array of traditional cuisines to the breathtaking views of Indonesia’s top natural wonders, it’s no doubt that Plataran reflects the True Indonesian Icon. A new addition to this luxurious hospitality group is Plataran Bromo, snuggled amidst the cozy hills of the Mount Bromo area.

Plataran establishments are dedicated to providing only the best services and dining experience centering on the country’s beautiful natural landscapes and rich culture. Plataran Bromo is no exception to this vision.

The resort can be accessed through Surabaya or Malang, with only a few hours drive from the cities’ airports. As you enter the famous Bromo hills, you notice instantly the drop in temperature as a small winding road begins to take sharp turns with views of local plantations and Pine trees left and right. At an elevation of over 1.600 meters above sea level and only 5km away from the legendary Bromo Mountain, you will find the luxurious Plataran Bromo, remotely located in complete tranquility.

Plataran Bromo holds a comfy and spacious decor so guests can be tune to nature and enjoy a new level of tranquility that exceeds expectations.


A warm welcome is presented through a hot cup of traditional ginger drink as guests feel more at home entering the resort’s antique and classic lobby interior. Accents of traditional Indonesian cultural arts such as Batik, Javanese gamelanmusic and local paintings add on to the establishment’s iconic vintage interior and design. Exquisite attention to detail is displayed uniquely in each room, making every turn around the corner a cultural exploration infused effortlessly with Plataran’s iconic vintage style.

Located adjacent to the hotel main lobby is Teras Bromo, a dining experience provided by Plataran Bromo overlooking the majestic Bromo Mountain with a refreshing view of the Plataran Sunset Point. Teras Bromo emphasizes support of locally grown ingredients presented through a variety of high-end traditional Indonesian dishes. Teras Bromo is also the checkpoint location for professional Jeep services that is provided for guests who wish to explore the Bromo Mountain area further. A variety of uniquely curated activities and packages are provided by the resort to make your visit a more memorable journey!

Tears Bromo is a dining experience emphasising support of locally grown ingredients presented through a variety of high-end traditional Indonesian dishes in a chic and open environment.

Whether you are traveling with your family, partner or friends, Plataran Bromo provides options of comfort in a series of rooms and residences. Guests can choose from a cozy Mezzanine Lodge room that keeps individuals close together with an open hang out and dining area nearby or a private 3-bedroom Residence for families and couples who wish to have more privacy and intimacy. The establishment will additionally be opening Batch Lodges for larger groups and 100 hotel rooms for couples and smaller groups, catering luxurious comfort to anyone who seeks it.

With a balanced combination of serenity in nature, professional services and a mystical Bromo ambience, Plataran Bromo ensures their guests indulge in truly a new level of tranquility that exceeds expectations, creating a deluxe experience for those escaping to the exotic mountains.

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