Experience Simone Fracassi’s Tuscan Chianina Beef at Cucina by Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel

Taste the exquisite flavours of Chianina Beef with Simone Fracassi of Macelleria Fracassi’s Tuscan Chianina Beef at Cucina by Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel.
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An Indulgent All-inclusive Friends and Family Retreat at Alila Villas Uluwatu

Leave your worries away and indulge with Alila Villas Uluwatu’s new all-inclusive retreat.
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The Grand Hyatt Taipei Reduces Their Carbon Footprint by Encouraging Vegetarian Mondays

As Taipei grooms its reputation as one of the top destinations in Asia for vegetarian cuisine, the Grand Hyatt Taipei is repurposing the Monday blues as an opportunity to go green.
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At 1945, a Gratifying Indonesian Fine Dining Experience

Fairmont Jakarta's 1945 offers guests a truly authentic Indonesian fine dining experience, presenting the familiar with a flair that only amounts to a tantalising journey of the senses. 
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Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort Launches Spacious Tropical Playground With New Villas

The new garden view pool villas at Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort offers an elevated sense of privacy within the resort’s stunning cliffside location.
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An Immersively Authentic Indonesian Wine & Dine Experience at 1945 by Fairmont Jakarta

Immerse yourself in an authentically Indonesian wine and dine experience only at 1945 by Fairmont Jakarta.
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Finding Serenity at Dancing Villas Nusa Dua

Dancing Villas offers a unique oasis in this secluded area of Nusa Dua, where natural ambiance roams through every one of its exclusive villa accommodations.
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Refresh With a Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat at JOALI Spa Maldives

JOALI Spa by ESPA takes mental well-being very seriously, and there is no one better to lead a meditation and mindfulness retreat than Cornelius O'Shaughnessy.
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Merah Putih: a Modern Touch to Authentic Flavours

Merah Putih offers an Indonesian dining experience that mixes in the authentic flavours of the archipelago with a touch of modernity within its indoor tropical garden setting.

You’ve probably heard it all before: the reasons why people rave about this particular restaurant in Seminyak, and you’re about to find out for yourself. With social media these days, you always have a little bit of taste on what to expect, but you’ll find that Merah Putih still surprises you once you experience it yourself, and that begins the moment you enter the main dining area.

Firstly, it’s hard not to be captivated by the premise. It begins with the tall, translucent roof columns that screams magnificence, and the greeneries spread around that makes the place almost as if it’s not just a sliver of this busy area in Bali, but a whole world altogether. It’s a tropical garden of a kind, yet entirely indoors. Under the glistening light of the afternoon, this restaurant cools you off in an embrace – while also serving serving you the familiar traditional Indonesian cuisine.

Named after the two bold and vibrant colours of Indonesia’s national flag, Merah Putih, of course, is well-aware that sharing is a big part of the Indonesian meal experience, and thus offer this as an option for each of their guests. The menu has an option for either small or large plates, depending on what sort of meal experience you are in the mood for. It’s dishes such as Iga Babi Rica Rica to Pipi Sapi Balado – just two of the many choices representing traditional dishes, though here cooked with modern techniques.

Australian-born Chef Kieran Morland runs both Merah Putih and Sangsaka restaurants in Bali, both of which emphasise a flavourful and unique dining experience for the guests. Photo courtesy of Merah Putih.

Kieran Morland, Merah Putih’s Executive Chef, told Eat Vacation that Merah Putih aims to serve Indonesian dishes that tastes just like how it should be, but notably through a modern presentation. In many ways, Merah Putih stepped up the game on just how that could be accomplished. The setting, after all, is certainly elevated, but never too pompous as to lose that communal touch that many Indonesian restaurants always put forward.

They’ve also managed to incorporate sustainability as part of their restaurant’s operation, including those translucent roof columns that happen to capture rainwater and channel it into their own water-flow system, with advanced UV filters which purify and recycle water; meaning the restaurant doesn’t draw on precious groundwater reserves.

Indonesian food, which are typically eaten family style – continues to be an upheld tradition at Merah Putih. Plates are set in the middle of the table, giving everyone a chance to sample a range of dishes. Photo courtesy of Merah Putih.

Since it was opened in 2013, Merah Putih has drawn food enthusiasts from all over, and whether they are in on the hype, craving for well-made food or in search for a good ambiance: Merah Putih doesn’t disappoint. More recently, Mr. Morland expanded his portfolio with Sangsaka, a smaller, more intimate venue which focuses on meals that tantalises the senses with its flavourful dishes.

For all the glory of authentic Indonesian cuisine, Merah Putih will serve it right up your table with elegance, class, and flavour. It will be a pity to miss out on this when one is in Bali. For more information, visit http://merahputihbali.com.

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